Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

SMS removed Ibra Messi from Barcelona

An SMS message sent by Lionel Messi Josep Guardiola's mobile phone was out to be fatal for career Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Barcelona, Spanish media reported. Marca reports that Lionel Messi was left angry with the arrival of Ibrahimovic and saw threatened his position as a team leader. However, a message that was enough to get things under control. "The mobile phone just vibronte Barcelona coach and he began to look with amazement at the small screen, concerned. 'Look at this', he told his friend, Manuel Estiarte "Marca described the moment of sending telephone message from Messi, who stood a few seats behind me, while the Blaugrana return trip after a match. Although the exact words described differently by different people, the message was roughly as follows: "Well, I see that I am not the most important for the team, so ...". Messi's action was criticized by bashkëlotjarët not his, but according to the Spanish newspaper, summed up in these words, "He is not a dictator, but he certainly shows his presence in his own way."

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