Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Again 'crazy' Balotelli, hits cameraman

Mario seems that it is impossible to stay out of trouble . Milan footballer , who was suspended by the Disciplinary three weeks due to major offenses against the judge after the match with Napoli , this time becomes problematic and the Italian representative , though only a few days earlier had apologized for his actions . Player , in blue representing the arrival in Naples , and although the train station , there were hundreds of fans who chanted his name in choir , appears bother from multiple cameras , which were filming in those moments . The attacker approached a cameraman media and tried to overthrow the shoulder camera, but because it has succeeded on the first attempt , then hit the microphone breaking it . Mediaset cameraman was not a little angry footballer who took the trouble did not stop until the moment when the police intervened . However Balotelli action in the national collection seems not at all liked the staff , who are unsure whether the player can handle the stress of a major competition as the World Cup .

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