Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Jenri hears For The First Time

A 7-year-old children born in Guatemala has received a gift this Monday. He first heard about his parents, which was moist. Jenri Rivera, who was born deaf, traveled to the U.S. to get treatment thanks to a non-profit association "Ray of Hope Medical Missions". Three years ago Jenri met Erin Van Oord, who worked as a volunteer in Guatemala. "I started to speak, but he did not understand me even though my Spanish was not bad. But then told me that he heard that he was very young. And I said it should be resolved, "says Oord. Medical visas and plant costing 40 thousand dollars was donated. 7-year-old will spend several months in the U.S. to work with speech and understand more of what they hear.

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