Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Sudanese woman flogged for getting in car with non relative man

A video posted online showed so dreadful punishment was reserved for a Sudanese woman , " error " whose only that he was riding in a car with a man who was not she had. Such action , in any environment associating with a man with whom you have no connection constitutes an offense prohibited under Sudanese law . As a result of this action , the woman was forced to kneel down in front of a crowd , while a person given a certain number of the whip whipping , typical forms of punishment for these offenses . " I will not teach again climb into cars ," heard saying police , who proceeded with public beatings , while the woman tried to cover humiliated face as he could . While the woman takes her punishment , the background video clearly seen crowds of spectators , who did not give any sign of reaction before this " spectacle " sick . Although clearly the location of the person in the video is not specified , it is believed by the emphasis with which they are citizens speak the Sudanese capital , Khartoum .

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