Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

See how Casillas, when Ronaldo scored the winning goal implemented

This weekend, the Real Madrid player had a win against Levante in a dramatic finish. Levante 2-1 lead in the 86th Minutes, but Real Madrid with goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and the injury had reached the victory and three points. Ronaldo hit 93 Minute last set 3-2 and it was 50 Goal for him this year, 44 of which came in the form of real-six under the guise of the Portuguese national team. His first rival Lionel Messi now has 42 goals (36 in Barcelona, 6 for Argentina). however, was very interesting to see how Casillas, Ronaldo scored the winning goal when implemented. Iker once again proved to be a real captain, quite emotionally celebrated shot, although Ronaldo is no longer a first team of Real Madrid and is not satisfied with his status at the club.

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