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Lionel Messi dribbles Dani Alves without the ball in training

Funny Waitress Girl Skirt Steady Cam


British Airways Investigating Two Stewardesses For Raunchy Web Video

British Airways continues work to identify two stewardess who have posted a video on YouTube which shows stewardess view that filmed themselves being washed in a tub of water. British Airways is investigating whether these two girls are wearing uniforms of airline workers. According to 'The Sun' video was shot in the bathroom of a hotel room. Girls fall in the shower and start to foam each other. Later, one of them removes the uniform and things become increasingly heated in 8 minutes clip.

Best goal of the year

A spectacular goal in England was recorded yesterday. In the match between Barnsley and Midlesbrough, footballer Paddy McCourt has achieved this goal in a fairytale soloaksion. Either seven or eight players failed to stop Mc Court who arrived in the opposing itself was located before hitting plasonte correct. The goal in the English media are counted as one of the most beautiful of the year.

18-Year-old Januzaj highest paid in the world?

Mesfushori Adnan Januzajështë futbollisti i ri që ka kontratën më të shtrenjtë në historinë e United. Edhe pse zyrtarisht nuk ka një shifër për shumën e parave që do të përfitojë 18-vjeçari, Sunday People raporton se paga bazë e tij thuhet të jetë 70 mijëeuro në javë ndërsa poashtu do të marrë plus edhe 6 milioneuro që ka pranuar të nënshkruajë kontratën të cilët do t’i dhurohen në pagë javore nga 25 mijë euro javë për pesë vite. Kjo kontratë e bën shqiptarin të tejkalojë shifrat që janëpaguar në të kaluarën për Cristiano Ronaldon e Wayne Rooneyn si futbollistë të rinj, si edhe përfitimet e tij janë shumë më të mëdha në raport me futbollistët e rinj aktualë, si Danny Welbeck, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones dhe Tom Cleverley.

Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Hulk impressing everyone with a rare goal

Brazilian Hulk has scored beautiful goals always his left leg, which is deadly for opposing goalkeepers. However, Zenit striker style has changed slightly, realizing a brilliant goal in the match with the right to CSKA Moscow in the Russian championship. Although some players had before opponents, former Porto player had no problem, leading to a 'gem' flew.

The kiss Balotelli for Inter Rampage

Tizano the spectacle returns CRUDELI. Journalism, crazy fan of Milan, part of 7 Gold, has given his best during yesterday's match Milan-Udinese. In the studio with Mario Balotelli's "animated", CRUDELI been kissed by excited Balotelli Elio Corno, journalist-Inter fan, after scoring the Walter BIRSA.

Chelsea vs Cardiff City 1 1 Goal Eden Hazard

Cunning "Samuel Eto'o gives Chelsea the opportunity to launch përmbyjsen to Cardiff City. After 10 minutes of play modest Welsh team finds itself ahead thanks to scoring Mutch, but Jose Mourinho's team comes to the aid of an experienced striker as Cameroon. After 33 'Eto'o behind Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall and he expects the ball away hga hand to operate. And once the ball leaves the hand slightly attacker manages to get the ball following the Hazard, which is not hard to score the tying goal.

Jack Wilshere Tiki Taka Goal vs Norwich

Arsenal's first goal in yesterday's match against Norwich City is an ad for futbollon. Six passes (both heels) in the space of five seconds to bring Jack Wilshere only the keeper to beat the opponent. English midfielder just have to push the ball into the goal with a slight touch of finalizing best Topçinjëve a spectacular action. Tiki-taka already played in London.


Im sexy and i know it

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Super Aaron Ramsey

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing OverHead BackHell Goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the century we can say with a little bit of word game that PG is developing against Bastia, PSG Ibrahimovic went ahead with one goal that when we see a super assisting Ongenda Ibra scored his beautiful career.

Bayern vs Mainz 3-1

Miralem Pjanic Amazing Free Kick Goal Roma 1-0 Napoli

Miralem Pjanic has confirmed tonight that is a free-throw specialist. Bosnian midfielder has scored a brilliant goal from the offense, at the end of the first half the game between Rome and Naples. Pjanic had cried a few days ago when Bosnia and Herzegovina was qualified in the World, but had not expected that there will be a magical night with Rome, after scoring two goals tonight for the Giallorossi, one offense, which will see the this video and one penalty.


Interview given by Adnan KTV was the top topic of international sports media, as well as the pre-match press conference of radhs, David Moyes has reflected the Albanian boy. "He is probably the best young player I have ever known measure. I've had Rooney and all for others that have come through the other clubs. Adnan, is quieter and more stable for everyone. " "The boy is in good hands. He probably checked everything from the father and his family, but he is very good mentally. "

Phantom Goal! Stefan Kießling (Bayer Leverkusen)

Bayer Leverkusen was Hoffenhemit guest in the first game of the week in the Bundesliga. Leverkusen are avansonte after the first half and the second half was lifted following a Stefan Kiessling, who hit his head and realioi a touchdown. However, this goal came from outside, inside the gate. This is because the net was broken in one place and thanks so without this defect noted by the judges accepted goal after the ball went into the net, but from outside the right corner. The judge admitted the 2-0 goal, as the final score was 2-1.

Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Messi refused an offer of 250 million

Lionel Messi is without doubt the best player in the world and is closely linked with Barcelona, which considers non-marketable. But this does not mean that the Catalan giants may prohibit other clubs offers for Argentine star. According to Spanish media, respectively, of the daily El Mundo Deportivo, Messi said 'NO' offers three fat during the summer. Indeed, one of them was 250 million euros, thanks to the money that would pay safely clothing giant Adidas, but that did not persuade the Argentine representative to leave the Camp Nou.

Where Sports meets Humanity! A must watch! RESPECT!

Chechen Mafia Road Confrontations in Action

Nora Istrefu Eid wishes covered by a glass

Albania has shut its doors for Adnan - says father

The father of Super Albanian midfielder Adnan Januzaj has clarified his position and his son regarding the very controversial issue for which national player of Manchester United will play in the future . Adnan 's father , Abedin, in an interview in KTV Interactive show talking about starting a career and dreams debut of his son , expressing great satisfaction , it remains very modest . " Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed interest in the first son , but the boy told him that I came to United Manchestrer only one goal - field work . He has given much importance Adnan to work extremely well with it, because maybe there is something more than other players and Adnan has shown that he is willing to work for them. " " Goals against Sunderland ? I was at the stadium with his brother who lives in Belgium , because it is very important to Adnan , because it was very close in every moment and he helped me a lot to Adnan , especially when he was at Anderlecht . He sent every workout , so he is very attached to my son . " " Many have asked me how I felt after the first goal and I am the parent of his work in this area is floating . I was delighted that he scored goals , but not the latter , there is much work to be done . Now we have entered the stage to reach the highest level . I was pleased , especially when the public began to chant his name , there I was excited . But I am prepared for any event , as his dad . When the game ended , I was glad that the club took three points and Adnan that made ​​the difference . " " After the match has just made ​​a call , but gave me no signs of enthusiasm . In this epic is very careful here that perhaps the English media have made ​​some comparisons of how it is possible that a 18 year old boy not to celebrate furious after two fantastic goals . He made simpler . This makes everyone realize that he is extremely disciplined player . " " Adnan prefers not media , it is far from the media . It is concentrated only in the field of green and nothing else . And , if you see a player as soon as you open the website , it does not mean anything to the outstanding " . " Negotiations have begun renovating his first five - six months , but we are not in the final stage because there are many parameters , but I think everything is going well. He is likely to stay at Manchester United . For years, I will not answer , because we have not yet signed . Although there has been interest in him from other teams , once the contract expires next summer , he will remain here . There are several top European clubs , who do not want to reveal what the " . Adnan 's father spoke to the Albanian national issue and a big campaign on the Internet . He has criticized the Albanian Football Federation ( AFF ) , saying they have never contacted and that they have lied opinion that allegedly invited his son . He even criticized the opinion that he can play for Serbia or Croatia , as he confirmed that his wish is for him to play for Kosovo . "Look for something that will publish in the coming days , but once again , especially recently has been much talk in Albanian media . I confirm that Adnan Januzaj no Facebook , or I do not do it. Because there is some information that he writes and I tell everyone that Adnan has not Facebook . Some unauthorized persons who deal in his name , will soon find out why I get involved in the campaign ' Say yes Albania " . " I want to clarify the issue of national briefly . So far I have not had any calls from the AFF , at least talk to Adnan Januzaj . The Albanian public should know clearly , here is speaking of his father and his manager about some issues that I control . AFF has not called us never . AFF has just misinformation that we have contacted Januzaj , but the brothers told me that the President of the AFF said that eight months before he spoke with Adnan Januzaj that is false and untrue . The first two nights , I have been told that there was a program on television Klan and told me I needed to definitely watch this show and see what comes . " " I want to tell AFF , that Januzaj Adnan has not refused anyone . They say that the phone does not have led . But Manchester United is where you can find contact . The club said that an office of the Ministry of Albania has attempted to speak with Adnan , but what one can not do because Adnan is not involved in this work , so they have shut the doors yourself . Even the campaign " Say Yes " I have not seen , because we do not have Facebook . He said that if feels Januzaj let him play for Serbia . This leaves no room for you to give the national team a case of Albania " . " They have shut the doors yourself . I need to get people to talk to are people prepared professionally and correctly . No other way of any other man . Will not negotiate with any other . Duke 's not widely known , but speak according to how AFF has reacted completely unauthorized and unprofessional . A minimum are likely to play for Albania ? I do not want to totally close the doors Albanian national team . In this program I found that a member of Kosovo ( Buzhala ) , said that Adnan has gone from Croatia and Croatian documents . Croatia I 've gone on vacation because I 've spent so Belgium nromale passport so even there I married . Albanian wife and I Istok and she does not know how to circulate rumors that his wife was from Croatia or Croatian Januzaj no documents . They are lies . We are Istok " .

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Lineswoman from Serbian Super Liga game goes viral

Here's the story of the life of Adnan and his family Januzaj

The debate circulating about which country should represent Adnan Januzaj seems more civilized in England than anywhere else . Last week , an Albanian television discussed the most wanted teenager in Europe during a program titled Hero or traitor , where this last name would be worth if he turns his back on his family heritage to represent someone else . In the face of 18 - year-old who took the stage with two excellent goals in only his third appearance for Manchester United , there should be signs lazdrimi from the wide selection . His style is direct and dribbling ability to counsel as was the simplest thing in the world , has surprised eyebrows . However , the reality is very different and they have met during his journey Januzaj bothered by the pressure that is being put to him . Born in Brussels , Januzaj is the son of a couple from Kosovo - Albania , which was left by the crisis in the Balkans to escape from poverty and persecution suffered by other family members . His story , indeed, is reflected in a report by the Daily Mail . Januzaj can play for Belgium , Albania , Kosovo , Turkey or England , but so far he has not revealed his preference , just like his father , Abedin . Januzaj Manager Dirk de Vries said that no member of the family will not talk to reaching agreement on a contract extension with United, although many major European clubs are ready to take advantage of the negotiating impasse . But no doubt that there is something inside even more than that . Circulating a conviction that Kosovo would be his first choice , if it were accepted in international associations . So , for now , England is considered as the preferred option . English Federation believes so and is making efforts to provide British passport that can last up to five years under the rule of FIFA's stance . But even this , the image of a footballer paid extremely well , is not a statement of talented young man , and his family . From his teachers to young coaches , no one has any bad word about this guy or his father . Even Anderlecht football club from Brussels who missed it at the age of 16 when he moved to United , every good wishes . "We are not happy that a player that we have lost 300 thousand euros, which was appointed by FIFA , now worth 20 million euros ," said spokesman Anderlechtit , David Steegen to Sportsmail . " He was born in Brussels , was educated here at our club is one of us , and it displeases us considering what happened . But , we are happy to Adnan , he is a good guy . " In Belgium unconfirmed reports circulating that United will pay 200 thousand euros extra for Januzaj family while they stabilized at a house in one of the best neighborhoods of Manchester , where he lives with his mother and father . Steegen however , admits that he did RWDM Anderlecht Brussels that United has made them four years later . RWDM , a local team from Brussels where Abedin and send Adnan to train after leaving Chevrolet - Open shop where he worked as an accountant . " We encounter since then that Adnan was fantastic footballer ," said Jean - Paul Pira , who leads the youth teams in RWDM . " It was not great , was moist , but his technique was not common . In a U- 10 match remember that score 16 or 17 goals in the 22-0 victory . " Pira also reminiscent of Adnan 's father : " He was always calm and supportive , but never told him that he had played well , but could be improved " . RWDM not received a cent from Anderlecht . " Zero " , said Pira . Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Januzaj as " balanced footballer " , while the youth team coach at Anderlecht , Jannick Ferrera , has compared it with Johan Cruyffin . Interestingly, the fact that he shares the birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez Neymarin : February 5 . Many - including a former teammates of reformatories from the youth team in Anderlecht - Januzaj identify the father as the man with the greatest impact on the midfielder . " Januzaj is the biggest talent I played with. He was so fast in the first steps that the opponents remain surprised , "said Michael Heylen , who is now in Courtrai . " But if Adnan played badly in a match , his father reminded this . Sometimes it was as harsh as that Adnan had tears in his eyes . But I had the impression that his father knew what he was doing . He taught his son to suffer strokes , and it was good for his development . " Anderlecht Abedini as regards Adnan righteous one who always stayed down in the world . No tattoos , luxury cars . He does not even deal with sponsors , as Abedin is so confident that his son will be able to show his potential , that there is still time to wait . But to understand Abedin Januzaj you should know the story and the suffering of his family during a violent past in Kosovo . While Abedin left Kosovo , several other family members took up arms and joined the liberation war against the Serbs . But the bond between them remains strong , as the star of the show relatives constantly visiting the new town of Istok . Every summer , the young man , who speaks Albanian flow exceeds a few weeks in his family home , in a space that holds the family name Januzaj . In this time of peace , Januzaj can play football with his uncles and cousins ​​. But these cousins ​​show the suffering of the family during the anti - Albanian Kosovo . The oldest of six children , Abedin was expected to be the leading figure of the family after his father Idris , a worker in a textile factory , was suffering from cancer . But , faced with the risk of joining the army in the war against Yugoslavia, Bosnia , Abedin moved to Belgium in 1992 . Until then , uncle Abedin , Januzi , had spent 15 years in prison for participating in protests for the rights of Albanians in Kosovo . Later , his brother younger, Shemsedini , Januzi joined the Kosovo Liberation Army . In his statement to Sportsmail , Shemsedini said : " From the 80 's, to date we have suffered as a family . We are persecuted by the Serbian system . I was a KLA fighter , which was also my wife . We fought together in the same brigade . One of the best friends was killed , he stepped on the mine . I was 18 years old when I joined the KLA . I fought from January 1998 to June 1999. I could not bear the violations , rape of women and violence . It was time to die fighting for my country . I was not afraid because I knew what I was doing was right . There are still people missing , do not know what happened to them during the war . " On April 1, 1999 , Serb forces attacked Istok, killing civilians , and destroyed a house down the old mosque . Many houses were burned but survived after Januzajve it was on the periphery . The family moved to Belgium where Adnan grandfather , Alija , opened a business . In Brussels , the family became part of the Albanian community and there met and Ganimete Abedin . Besides family , a Kosovo police colonel said he played football with the young star of Manchester United . He was 14 years old at the time and we did not know who he was . When it came not understand why it was so good , was able to do everything with the ball , " he indicated. Januzaj family grieved by Albanian television debate . Furthermore , on Tuesday , Adnan congratulated all Muslim believers feast of Eid al-Adha . While villagers in Istok were sacrificed by cutting their yards , Adnan wrote on Facebook : " Eid Mubarak to all Muslim fans ." His connection with the family is also strong , and the Football Federation of Kosovo have not lost hope for his commitment . " We can not stop them playing for any other team ," said a spokesman . " But we support within FIFA , so it is a matter of time until we receive full recognition . Then the boys look like Januzaj would love to play for Kosovo " .

Saimir Tahiri threatened with death

England wins but beat players

We often see that two physically collide team mates on the pitch, but this is probably the first time that happens to a team that is winning convincingly 5-0. The event took place in the England U21 game against Lithuania where two talents of "Three Lions" Ravel Morrison and Wilfried Zaha collided with each other but thankfully separated in time by teammates. All this happened because, once the game was stopped, Zaha had wanted to follow, but which did not happen.

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What Sombrero by Ribery, jade opponent

Franck Ribery has impressed everyone in training yesterday with the representative of France. Bayern Munich star has made a remarkable transition opponent with 'Sombrero', led by the ball on the opponent. Enjoy this magical action Ribery.

Bosnia in World Pjaniç cries during interview

Bosnia and Herzegovina historic qualification to the World Cup "Brazil 2014" has brought a Bosnian nation-wide euphoria, but first to the national team players themselves. In the post-match, midfielder Miralem Pjaniç Rome could not hold onto emotions bursting into tears during the live interview.

Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Granit Xhaka Great Goal Switzerland vs Slovenia

Kosovar player, Granite Jaca has realized the only goal in the victory against Slovenia Switzerland. It was 75 minutes of the game when Jaca scored the winner for helevetikët. Jaca, Shaqiri, Mehmed Behrami will be the main drivers in the World Championships to be held in Brazil.

Sweden vs Germany 3-5 Full Highlights & All Goals

Franck Ribery Amazing Goal - France vs Finland 1:0

When Iniesta was 12 years

Andres Iniesta is a talnet born. This video proves that it shows the extraordinary skills of craftsmen Iniesta who at the age of 12 years fascinated with his game as a member of Albacetes.

Blendi Fevziu at Meka

Blendi Fevziu steering emission-KLAN Television Opinion in Tirana, went Hajj.Among the millions of Muslim hajj this year have also keyer public ftyra shqipare belonging to the Islamic religion.

Errors that are bein women to be the most beautiful

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Wellington Phoenix 1-2 Brisbane Roar

Kosovo recognized striker, Besart has realized that goal in the first leg of the Australian championship. Berisha scored Brisbane to Wellington victory. Prishtina striker pull in extra minutes of the first half to level the score at 1 to 1. This is the first goal for Berisha in the first game this season and also one of the favorites estimated to be revealed as top scorer in the league.

Beating the deputies Recep Aegis vs. Latif Gashi

KLODIAN DURO What a Free Kick

It marks the moment when Klodian Duro a supergol against Manchester City In fact, a golazo Follow.

Again 'crazy' Balotelli, hits cameraman

Mario seems that it is impossible to stay out of trouble . Milan footballer , who was suspended by the Disciplinary three weeks due to major offenses against the judge after the match with Napoli , this time becomes problematic and the Italian representative , though only a few days earlier had apologized for his actions . Player , in blue representing the arrival in Naples , and although the train station , there were hundreds of fans who chanted his name in choir , appears bother from multiple cameras , which were filming in those moments . The attacker approached a cameraman media and tried to overthrow the shoulder camera, but because it has succeeded on the first attempt , then hit the microphone breaking it . Mediaset cameraman was not a little angry footballer who took the trouble did not stop until the moment when the police intervened . However Balotelli action in the national collection seems not at all liked the staff , who are unsure whether the player can handle the stress of a major competition as the World Cup .

Duda posted new photo

Indonesian baby on 40 cigarettes a day

A toddler on Sumatra is hooked on nicotine after being introduced to cigarettes by his father.

Rike become brides, "fishes" Granit Xhaka

In this trend that has swept all the popular girls of the screen , to see yourself bride before they decide to marry , including Rike is Roci , which became known this year in " Big Brother 6 " In this trend that has swept all the popular girls of the screen , to see yourself bride before they decide to marry , including Rike is Roci , which became known this year in " Big Brother 6 " . She dressed like a wedding dress by San Patrick " Ami Event" , the gown has offered Ermal Mamaqi when the rocker videkenges shooting of Kosovo , Andos , who has posted the first photos , videos before release , where Rikja appears dressed for the first time in white . From the pictures it seems that the moments of shooting went very well and with more harmony among them , though long known , and this experience has deepened their friendship while having fun in their free time both together. And while Rike has used the best opportunity to make provocative picture with the Albanian footballer Switzerland , Granite Jaca that seems besides winning the football during his stay in Albania has won at least something else to " Friends " , Albanian bukuroshen Rike Roshi who has lived in Italy before entering the " Big Brother " .

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ANGRY CRISTIANO RONALDO almost hit an israelian player - Portugal vs Israel World cup Qualifications

In the bazaar of cars, sold for 1 euro degree works

I knew very well now-vacant lot sold. Especially in Kosovo, where the works of university diplomas only sold for one euro. In a photo posted on Facebook by a citizen of Pristina seen that car bazaar in Kosovo Polje, which is held every Sunday where what sold many other works are now also sold diplomas, broadcast reporter. According to the Post, a paper sold for 1 euro and the dealer has thousands of such.

Messi will with Larissa

Determined on this young lady! Larissa Riquelme was THE absolute eye-catcher of the 2010 World Cup! Forgotten her revealing appearance as a sexy Larissa placed her cell phone between her plump breasts. A year before the next World Cup, the model with hot curves is now back in the headlines. She claims that Lionel Messi (26) wanted to play with their balls. Supposedly, the Barcelona star even wanted to pay for it. Larissa in Chilean television: "If I tell you who offered me money for sex! He was the best footballer in the world, "a guest suspects".! Messi "And the model confirms:" Yes, of course "

Januzaj requires "more" Man United's!

Adnan Januzaj has become Manchester United's first request. Player representatives have said that the English team looking Januzaj 100 thousand pounds to avoid negotiations with Barcelona, Juventus and City, before he sign a professional contract Januzaj also required to pay a weekly fat new contract. This is considered as the first challenge for United to keep talent in the squad after istogas January may be vital to its future.

Xherdan Shaqiri and MC Kresha

Shaqiri out match against Slovenia. Fuse has suffered an injury during the match against Albania to let him out for the last challenge insignificant for helvete

Milan, The Proposal Of Marriage Is A Flashmob

Milan, Piazza Gramsci, 18.30. Mark brings his girlfriend Eleanor to take a drink with some friends. When they arrive in the square, some of the dancers begin a choreographed dance to the tune of Marry You. Marco decided to ask for a wife with an event truly amazing here is what happens

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Granit Xhaka after match in Tirana

Shaqiri statements, Xhakës, Mehmed and Qassam after the game

Swiss Albanians responded to the Albanian media in Albanian normally after 1-2 triumph at Kemal Stafa . Shaqiri " Albania wanted victory and was normal . I have good memories from Tirana and thank all the fans for their support . I loved that we were the first half of Albania , but look what they did other national teams . I believe that all Albanians in the world will be with us, " said Xherdan Shaqiri . Jaca " The derby was Albanian . 6 and they were in 11 . It was emotional match , but we are in Brazil and viewers saw beautiful match for three goals were realized . The anthem was an emotional moment , we have Albanian blood and like to sing anthem at the beginning was not then . However when I did not lose on purpose. Januzaj is a good young player and I hope you will have luck , but I do not know who they would choose . It's hard to choose , but do not know his situation , but it is not easy as you think about the national election . My brother can play and is on track , "said Granite Jaca . Mehmed " We rejoiced that have qualified in Brazil . We played in our hometown and the game was emotional . Normally we are Albanian and 6 represent a part of Albania in Brazil and Albanian fans will believe that pride , "said Admir Mehmedi . Kasami " I wanted to play today , but coach decided not too. I am Albanian and emotions , but not like that Albanians have less dander and shout a lot in London . Federation I never contacted me not , nor has shown no interest . I have friends Xherdanin , Admir , Valon and others . I had contact with Lorikin and he invited me to play for Albania , but I was young and did not have time to deployment , " said Accor Kasami .