Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Ibra's last meets boy dying

Swedish Bosnian striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has admitted to hear the latest Bosnian boy, HAJRUDIN Kamenjas, who suffers from severe disease of leukemia and according to doctors there be another month. Kamenjasi, had said the day before that his last wish in this world was meeting with bomberin of Paris Saint Germain. His mother Amela Kamenjas told Swedish newspaper that her son wants to die at home, but not without a last wish fulfilled. She has confessed that the boy calls "Ibrakadabra", and always sees his videos online, voice broadcasts. Hajrudinit event took place in the most prestigious newspapers in Bosnia, Croatia, France, Italy and Sweden and his last wish has finally achieved the Ibra through humanitarian organization, "Light of Tomorrow". Ibrahimovic scored two goals in yesterday's victory in the Champions League Benfica face, and immediately after the game revealed that he has flown to Sarajevo to meet Hajrudinin.

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