Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Albania has shut its doors for Adnan - says father

The father of Super Albanian midfielder Adnan Januzaj has clarified his position and his son regarding the very controversial issue for which national player of Manchester United will play in the future . Adnan 's father , Abedin, in an interview in KTV Interactive show talking about starting a career and dreams debut of his son , expressing great satisfaction , it remains very modest . " Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed interest in the first son , but the boy told him that I came to United Manchestrer only one goal - field work . He has given much importance Adnan to work extremely well with it, because maybe there is something more than other players and Adnan has shown that he is willing to work for them. " " Goals against Sunderland ? I was at the stadium with his brother who lives in Belgium , because it is very important to Adnan , because it was very close in every moment and he helped me a lot to Adnan , especially when he was at Anderlecht . He sent every workout , so he is very attached to my son . " " Many have asked me how I felt after the first goal and I am the parent of his work in this area is floating . I was delighted that he scored goals , but not the latter , there is much work to be done . Now we have entered the stage to reach the highest level . I was pleased , especially when the public began to chant his name , there I was excited . But I am prepared for any event , as his dad . When the game ended , I was glad that the club took three points and Adnan that made ​​the difference . " " After the match has just made ​​a call , but gave me no signs of enthusiasm . In this epic is very careful here that perhaps the English media have made ​​some comparisons of how it is possible that a 18 year old boy not to celebrate furious after two fantastic goals . He made simpler . This makes everyone realize that he is extremely disciplined player . " " Adnan prefers not media , it is far from the media . It is concentrated only in the field of green and nothing else . And , if you see a player as soon as you open the website , it does not mean anything to the outstanding " . " Negotiations have begun renovating his first five - six months , but we are not in the final stage because there are many parameters , but I think everything is going well. He is likely to stay at Manchester United . For years, I will not answer , because we have not yet signed . Although there has been interest in him from other teams , once the contract expires next summer , he will remain here . There are several top European clubs , who do not want to reveal what the " . Adnan 's father spoke to the Albanian national issue and a big campaign on the Internet . He has criticized the Albanian Football Federation ( AFF ) , saying they have never contacted and that they have lied opinion that allegedly invited his son . He even criticized the opinion that he can play for Serbia or Croatia , as he confirmed that his wish is for him to play for Kosovo . "Look for something that will publish in the coming days , but once again , especially recently has been much talk in Albanian media . I confirm that Adnan Januzaj no Facebook , or I do not do it. Because there is some information that he writes and I tell everyone that Adnan has not Facebook . Some unauthorized persons who deal in his name , will soon find out why I get involved in the campaign ' Say yes Albania " . " I want to clarify the issue of national briefly . So far I have not had any calls from the AFF , at least talk to Adnan Januzaj . The Albanian public should know clearly , here is speaking of his father and his manager about some issues that I control . AFF has not called us never . AFF has just misinformation that we have contacted Januzaj , but the brothers told me that the President of the AFF said that eight months before he spoke with Adnan Januzaj that is false and untrue . The first two nights , I have been told that there was a program on television Klan and told me I needed to definitely watch this show and see what comes . " " I want to tell AFF , that Januzaj Adnan has not refused anyone . They say that the phone does not have led . But Manchester United is where you can find contact . The club said that an office of the Ministry of Albania has attempted to speak with Adnan , but what one can not do because Adnan is not involved in this work , so they have shut the doors yourself . Even the campaign " Say Yes " I have not seen , because we do not have Facebook . He said that if feels Januzaj let him play for Serbia . This leaves no room for you to give the national team a case of Albania " . " They have shut the doors yourself . I need to get people to talk to are people prepared professionally and correctly . No other way of any other man . Will not negotiate with any other . Duke 's not widely known , but speak according to how AFF has reacted completely unauthorized and unprofessional . A minimum are likely to play for Albania ? I do not want to totally close the doors Albanian national team . In this program I found that a member of Kosovo ( Buzhala ) , said that Adnan has gone from Croatia and Croatian documents . Croatia I 've gone on vacation because I 've spent so Belgium nromale passport so even there I married . Albanian wife and I Istok and she does not know how to circulate rumors that his wife was from Croatia or Croatian Januzaj no documents . They are lies . We are Istok " .

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