Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Shaqiri statements, Xhakës, Mehmed and Qassam after the game

Swiss Albanians responded to the Albanian media in Albanian normally after 1-2 triumph at Kemal Stafa . Shaqiri " Albania wanted victory and was normal . I have good memories from Tirana and thank all the fans for their support . I loved that we were the first half of Albania , but look what they did other national teams . I believe that all Albanians in the world will be with us, " said Xherdan Shaqiri . Jaca " The derby was Albanian . 6 and they were in 11 . It was emotional match , but we are in Brazil and viewers saw beautiful match for three goals were realized . The anthem was an emotional moment , we have Albanian blood and like to sing anthem at the beginning was not then . However when I did not lose on purpose. Januzaj is a good young player and I hope you will have luck , but I do not know who they would choose . It's hard to choose , but do not know his situation , but it is not easy as you think about the national election . My brother can play and is on track , "said Granite Jaca . Mehmed " We rejoiced that have qualified in Brazil . We played in our hometown and the game was emotional . Normally we are Albanian and 6 represent a part of Albania in Brazil and Albanian fans will believe that pride , "said Admir Mehmedi . Kasami " I wanted to play today , but coach decided not too. I am Albanian and emotions , but not like that Albanians have less dander and shout a lot in London . Federation I never contacted me not , nor has shown no interest . I have friends Xherdanin , Admir , Valon and others . I had contact with Lorikin and he invited me to play for Albania , but I was young and did not have time to deployment , " said Accor Kasami .

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