Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Arsenal offers millions for Shaqiri

Arsenal had a brilliant initiative of the season, thanks to Mesut Ozil scoring enforcement. However, the club expects to spend millions more in January. According to British tabloid 'The Guardian', manager Arsene Wenger will Xherdan Shaqiri Emirates Stadium and Kosovar football player, the club is willing to pay 15 million pounds. 21-year-old is an important part of Bayern Munich, although not playing in the base formation. In recent matches donated assists, while Arjen Robbenin main competitor. Apart from Arsenal for Swiss representative also showed interest in Borussia Dortmund Liverpool. Meanwhile, Arsenal are also seeking an Albanian talent. It is about 17-year-old Zekiria Bakalli, who currently plays at PSV Eindhoven.

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