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Here's the story of the life of Adnan and his family Januzaj

The debate circulating about which country should represent Adnan Januzaj seems more civilized in England than anywhere else . Last week , an Albanian television discussed the most wanted teenager in Europe during a program titled Hero or traitor , where this last name would be worth if he turns his back on his family heritage to represent someone else . In the face of 18 - year-old who took the stage with two excellent goals in only his third appearance for Manchester United , there should be signs lazdrimi from the wide selection . His style is direct and dribbling ability to counsel as was the simplest thing in the world , has surprised eyebrows . However , the reality is very different and they have met during his journey Januzaj bothered by the pressure that is being put to him . Born in Brussels , Januzaj is the son of a couple from Kosovo - Albania , which was left by the crisis in the Balkans to escape from poverty and persecution suffered by other family members . His story , indeed, is reflected in a report by the Daily Mail . Januzaj can play for Belgium , Albania , Kosovo , Turkey or England , but so far he has not revealed his preference , just like his father , Abedin . Januzaj Manager Dirk de Vries said that no member of the family will not talk to reaching agreement on a contract extension with United, although many major European clubs are ready to take advantage of the negotiating impasse . But no doubt that there is something inside even more than that . Circulating a conviction that Kosovo would be his first choice , if it were accepted in international associations . So , for now , England is considered as the preferred option . English Federation believes so and is making efforts to provide British passport that can last up to five years under the rule of FIFA's stance . But even this , the image of a footballer paid extremely well , is not a statement of talented young man , and his family . From his teachers to young coaches , no one has any bad word about this guy or his father . Even Anderlecht football club from Brussels who missed it at the age of 16 when he moved to United , every good wishes . "We are not happy that a player that we have lost 300 thousand euros, which was appointed by FIFA , now worth 20 million euros ," said spokesman Anderlechtit , David Steegen to Sportsmail . " He was born in Brussels , was educated here at our club is one of us , and it displeases us considering what happened . But , we are happy to Adnan , he is a good guy . " In Belgium unconfirmed reports circulating that United will pay 200 thousand euros extra for Januzaj family while they stabilized at a house in one of the best neighborhoods of Manchester , where he lives with his mother and father . Steegen however , admits that he did RWDM Anderlecht Brussels that United has made them four years later . RWDM , a local team from Brussels where Abedin and send Adnan to train after leaving Chevrolet - Open shop where he worked as an accountant . " We encounter since then that Adnan was fantastic footballer ," said Jean - Paul Pira , who leads the youth teams in RWDM . " It was not great , was moist , but his technique was not common . In a U- 10 match remember that score 16 or 17 goals in the 22-0 victory . " Pira also reminiscent of Adnan 's father : " He was always calm and supportive , but never told him that he had played well , but could be improved " . RWDM not received a cent from Anderlecht . " Zero " , said Pira . Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Januzaj as " balanced footballer " , while the youth team coach at Anderlecht , Jannick Ferrera , has compared it with Johan Cruyffin . Interestingly, the fact that he shares the birthday with Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez Neymarin : February 5 . Many - including a former teammates of reformatories from the youth team in Anderlecht - Januzaj identify the father as the man with the greatest impact on the midfielder . " Januzaj is the biggest talent I played with. He was so fast in the first steps that the opponents remain surprised , "said Michael Heylen , who is now in Courtrai . " But if Adnan played badly in a match , his father reminded this . Sometimes it was as harsh as that Adnan had tears in his eyes . But I had the impression that his father knew what he was doing . He taught his son to suffer strokes , and it was good for his development . " Anderlecht Abedini as regards Adnan righteous one who always stayed down in the world . No tattoos , luxury cars . He does not even deal with sponsors , as Abedin is so confident that his son will be able to show his potential , that there is still time to wait . But to understand Abedin Januzaj you should know the story and the suffering of his family during a violent past in Kosovo . While Abedin left Kosovo , several other family members took up arms and joined the liberation war against the Serbs . But the bond between them remains strong , as the star of the show relatives constantly visiting the new town of Istok . Every summer , the young man , who speaks Albanian flow exceeds a few weeks in his family home , in a space that holds the family name Januzaj . In this time of peace , Januzaj can play football with his uncles and cousins ​​. But these cousins ​​show the suffering of the family during the anti - Albanian Kosovo . The oldest of six children , Abedin was expected to be the leading figure of the family after his father Idris , a worker in a textile factory , was suffering from cancer . But , faced with the risk of joining the army in the war against Yugoslavia, Bosnia , Abedin moved to Belgium in 1992 . Until then , uncle Abedin , Januzi , had spent 15 years in prison for participating in protests for the rights of Albanians in Kosovo . Later , his brother younger, Shemsedini , Januzi joined the Kosovo Liberation Army . In his statement to Sportsmail , Shemsedini said : " From the 80 's, to date we have suffered as a family . We are persecuted by the Serbian system . I was a KLA fighter , which was also my wife . We fought together in the same brigade . One of the best friends was killed , he stepped on the mine . I was 18 years old when I joined the KLA . I fought from January 1998 to June 1999. I could not bear the violations , rape of women and violence . It was time to die fighting for my country . I was not afraid because I knew what I was doing was right . There are still people missing , do not know what happened to them during the war . " On April 1, 1999 , Serb forces attacked Istok, killing civilians , and destroyed a house down the old mosque . Many houses were burned but survived after Januzajve it was on the periphery . The family moved to Belgium where Adnan grandfather , Alija , opened a business . In Brussels , the family became part of the Albanian community and there met and Ganimete Abedin . Besides family , a Kosovo police colonel said he played football with the young star of Manchester United . He was 14 years old at the time and we did not know who he was . When it came not understand why it was so good , was able to do everything with the ball , " he indicated. Januzaj family grieved by Albanian television debate . Furthermore , on Tuesday , Adnan congratulated all Muslim believers feast of Eid al-Adha . While villagers in Istok were sacrificed by cutting their yards , Adnan wrote on Facebook : " Eid Mubarak to all Muslim fans ." His connection with the family is also strong , and the Football Federation of Kosovo have not lost hope for his commitment . " We can not stop them playing for any other team ," said a spokesman . " But we support within FIFA , so it is a matter of time until we receive full recognition . Then the boys look like Januzaj would love to play for Kosovo " .

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