Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

All standing for Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho saved his team Atletico Mineiro in the Brazilian championship match against Fluminenses turning twice disadvantage. And, Ronaldinho did this twice during the match with two goals tremendous free-kick. Fluminense took the lead with Wagner goal after 13 minutes. But after the second add-on in the first half (45 +2') was Ronaldinho who arrived from 23.8 meters to achieve a phenomenal goal that touched transversal and ended in the net of the opposing keeper, who was unlikely. In the second Fluminense took the lead again through Rhayner (72 '), but local audiences enjoyed a genius again. Ronaldinho took care of that now 24.2 meters stunned goalkeeper leaves rivals in the panorama of the stadium which is enjoyed equalizer. Although no longer playing in Europe, Ronaldinho appears in top form and he is making great efforts to possibly return to the national team for World Cup 2014 Brazil, an initiative that will be difficult for him.

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