Montag, 30. September 2013

AAK with new commercial

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo branch in Suva Reka, has implemented a default video clip , which resembles more a flirtation between a man and a woman than a call to stand in elections . Although party officials justify every second of every scene courtship , starting at a bus station between two young people , where girls with some views initially tries to seduce a guy who hosts bus on foot , and then it leaves a paper whereby the throne përnime it to vote on November 3. Source Ramadani , general secretary of the AAK, does not believe in this prospectus which means that volunteers have made the Alliance there is no element provocative or degrading . " Advertising is such a charming , clear message to release citizens in elections , and especially targets the youth . The young volunteers who have worked in the advertising aimed to encourage their peers to vote in these elections , not to abstain on November 3, 2013 , "said Ramadan Express. According to him , flirting that occurs between two young people in this ad really shows something else . " Call to vote . I do not believe that there was such a coincidence ads for shows something more . Simply , young therandas prove more important than any flirtation is the third exit in November elections , because young people should focus on that day that decides the next four years . And that day is November 3 , "says Ramadan . Under Secretary of AAK , the campaign " Përnime " is a reflection of the determination of the Alliance and Bali Muharremaj candidate to work strongly in the next four years , without any dilemma and without negligence . " The work Përnime ! " Although this ad is still unfinished . In a statement to the Express , its Muharremaj Bali means that when the campaign officially starts , it will appear at the end of the commercial . " But still I have no advertising . I do not know how it is implemented .

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