Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

He case when the traitor becomes hero

Izet Hajroviç 22-year-old who plays for Grasshopperin in Switzerland for a long time been considered a traitor in Bosnia because did not want to play for Bosnia expecting a call to the Swiss national team. But after a time he decided to represent Bosnia. But everything was so badly lehtë.Ai was met by Bosnian fans who said, "What we have a traitor in our midst." Even worse situation did leave his reserve in his first match against Slovakia in Bosnia which was activated only 10 minutes and did nothing. Even in the second game he again left the reserve. But this time his involvement in the game in the 70th minute, was something special. Hajrovicit took just two minutes after his involvement in the second game for Bosnia to make all people to himself. He scored a super goals from 25 yards with his left against Slovakia giving Bosnia 2:1 victory. Bosnia with this victory is very close to qualifying at the world championship "Brazil 2014".

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