Freitag, 20. September 2013

The boy that God wove map of Kosovo and the eagle in both eyes

Valerian Osman from Kosovo Polje, is an extremely special child. In fact give him the epithet has both his eyes. In his right eye has a shade that resembles the map of Kosovo, while his left foot in a shade that resembled the proud eagle two. Valerian with his parents living in the United States of America. His parents had initially observed only map of Kosovo, but after the eagle, and remain impressed with the extraordinary gift that God had given their son, more so for them, who as migrants, who have constantly longing for the homeland. "When I remark, it seemed to us something very interesting. I knew not even describe. I tell people, but do not believe us, "says the mother of Valerian, in an interview Klan Kosova. Perhaps this can be a symbol, as dajave the Valerian family, originated from Albania. "Just even if I offered to go on vacation in a place that valued the beauty of the world, I do not commute with Albania," said Valerian mother.

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